Creating a Core Circuit

You know it’s time to stop doing crunches and be smarter about your core training. But where to begin? My favorite method of training the core is by circuits. Because the primary purpose of the core is providing stability, is it made up of a higher percentage of slow twitch fibers. This means it responds […]

Balanced Upper Body Lifting Session

A balanced upper body session will include an equal emphasis on pushing and pulling exercises. Below is a moderate intensity strength training session involving sets of 8-10RM.  Rest between sets should be less than 2 minutes.  To have a more efficient workouts, you can pair the pushing and pressing exercises (do sets of pulling exercises […]

Fundamental Strength for Ultimate: Single Leg SLDL

Few things are more important to sports performance than single leg strength, balance, and coordination. The single leg SLDL (straight legged deadlift) is a staple of our programming with The Ultimate Athlete Project. This exercise can be done using body weight as a warm up or with weights.     Watch it on YouTube: Summary […]

How to Get Open Even if You’re Not Fast

When cutting, some athletes run as hard as possible one direction, then stop and run as fast as possible the the opposite direction. While this can work, it is a brute force method that works well when you’re faster and can change direction more quickly than your opponent. The programs I create have the goal […]