The Beginnings

When I started developing the principles that would become the foundation for The Ultimate Athlete Project, I was in pretty bad shape. I was old (not truly, I just felt that way). I was slightly overweight and injury prone. I was pretty much on the way out as far as playing competitive ultimate was concerned. […]

Gift Ideas for The Ultimate Athlete

  The holidays are nearly upon us, and you’re faced with the age-old challenge of what to get for the ultimate athlete in your life. Chances are they already have discs, cleats, and jerseys galore, so what are some outside the box gift ideas? Ultimate Education Ultiworld Video To be the best, watch the best. […]

Improve Your Conditioning on the Ultimate Field with this Workout

 Earlier this month, Melissa described the two principles you need to understand for conditioning workouts in ultimate Frisbee: movement and metabolic demands. One key point is that it’s critical to match the speed and intensity of your conditioning workouts to the speed and intensity of ultimate (i.e. long distance running isn’t going to cut it!). This week, Melissa has […]

Training Smarter, Not Harder: Principles for Ultimate Frisbee Conditioning

Completing a generic general-purpose fitness plan will lead to suboptimal results when competing in any sport, including ultimate. Instead, there are two principles you need to consider when training for for ultimate and preparing your body for the demands of the sport. Melissa breaks down these principles and discusses how you should tailor your training based on […]