Sample Plyometric Workout

First thing’s first: do NOT blindly copy this workout! Please read Plyometrics: Three Mistakes that Increase Your Risk of Injury before starting any plyo program. This workout is presented for informational purposes only.   Before doing a plyometric workout, I do a thorough dynamic warmup. Prancing, galloping, pogos are excellent pre-plyo warm up exercises. I […]

Plyometrics: 3 Mistakes that Increase your Risk of Injury

Mistake number 1:  Skipping the prerequisites Plyometric training shouldn’t be done in isolation, but as part of a complete training program that includes strength training.  You don’t need to be able to squat a certain amount, but you do need to have a basic level of strength.     Athletes will be better prepared by focusing on […]

Creating a Core Circuit

You know it’s time to stop doing crunches and be smarter about your core training. But where to begin? My favorite method of training the core is by circuits. Because the primary purpose of the core is providing stability, is it made up of a higher percentage of slow twitch fibers. This means it responds […]

Balanced Upper Body Lifting Session

A balanced upper body session will include an equal emphasis on pushing and pulling exercises. Below is a moderate intensity strength training session involving sets of 8-10RM.  Rest between sets should be less than 2 minutes.  To have a more efficient workouts, you can pair the pushing and pressing exercises (do sets of pulling exercises […]

Fundamental Strength for Ultimate: Single Leg SLDL

Few things are more important to sports performance than single leg strength, balance, and coordination. The single leg SLDL (straight legged deadlift) is a staple of our programming with The Ultimate Athlete Project. This exercise can be done using body weight as a warm up or with weights.     Watch it on YouTube: Summary […]

The Beginnings

When I started developing the principles that would become the foundation for The Ultimate Athlete Project, I was in pretty bad shape. I was old (not truly, I just felt that way). I was slightly overweight and injury prone. I was pretty much on the way out as far as playing competitive ultimate was concerned. […]

Improve Your Conditioning on the Ultimate Field with this Workout

 Earlier this month, Melissa described the two principles you need to understand for conditioning workouts in ultimate Frisbee: movement and metabolic demands. One key point is that it’s critical to match the speed and intensity of your conditioning workouts to the speed and intensity of ultimate (i.e. long distance running isn’t going to cut it!). This week, Melissa has […]

Training Smarter, Not Harder: Principles for Ultimate Frisbee Conditioning

Completing a generic general-purpose fitness plan will lead to suboptimal results when competing in any sport, including ultimate. Instead, there are two principles you need to consider when training for for ultimate and preparing your body for the demands of the sport. Melissa breaks down these principles and discusses how you should tailor your training based on […]

Designing an ultimate athlete training program

Knowing how to train is difficult. Ultimate athletes often fail to approach training holistically. This video and will give you the framework for structuring your training based upon your goals for the season and will introduce you to the format of The Ultimate Athlete Project.   After watching this video you will understand the seven […]

One Simple Format for Winter Conditioning in Small Spaces

It’s getting cold and sometimes snowy here in North America at this time of year. If you are in the off season, this is a great time to focus on strength training. However, some conditioning should be done to maintain general fitness. The important thing to remember about conditioning during the winter is that a […]