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Melissa Witmer

Ultimate is a difficult sport to train for. Not only do you need the explosiveness and speed, but also you need that explosiveness and speed to last all day–for two days!

Wouldn’t you like to step onto the field next season knowing you’ve done everything in your power to prepare?

Do you want to be faster, more explosive, and less injury prone?

Do you want to last all season and peak at the right time?

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Unfortunately, it may be awhile until ultimate gets the respect it deserves and every team has its own strength and conditioning coach. Until that happens, I intend to provide professional, knowledgeable training support for as many teams and players as I can at a reasonable price.

The Ultimate Athlete Project is an ultimate training subscription site where you’ll have access to everything you need to take full advantage of your athletic potential!

  • training plans

  • coaching advice

  • community support

  • mentoring from other athletes

  • and more…!


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What Others are Saying About Melissa’s Knowledge and Coaching


“Ultimate is a small sport. Tiny, in fact. Those who were gifted with physical traits quickly move to the front of their pack, and with them goes their knowledge of physical training. This has led to a wide array of training regimes, many of which lie between ineffective and dangerous. If you are serious about looking for a competitive advantage in Ultimate, I would encourage a high degree of skepticism of established knowledge, and great deal of curiosity for better approaches. But it’s a jungle out there. Finding smart and applicable information about any type of training is hard enough, getting it specific for Ultimate is nearly impossible. I’d recommend listening to Melissa. She’s one of the very few people in this sport who understands both the demands and realities that we face as amateur athletes. Her decision to share that knowledge presents a great opportunity for anyone looking to increase the rate at which they improve.”

~~ Seth Wiggins
(Currently Portland Rhino; Formerly Seattle Sockeye, Bay Area Revolver, Team USA (2009), and Oregon Ego)


“Melissa Witmer’s a smart, motivating trainer and coach. Her focus on functional single-leg movements combined with lateral training allowed me project explosively and quickly react on-field. Melissa’s pre- and post-game tweaks helped increase my endurance in games and my durability in-season (6+ games per weekend, 3 weekends running).”

~~ Brian Canniff
(Philly ultimate icon, photographer, and still playing competitively over 40 (7 leagues, 9 tournaments in 2011!))


“One of my favorite things about training with Melissa is that you don’t just improve your fitness and Ultimate ability, but you learn why the techniques she is teaching you work. Her extensive background in kinesiology allows Melissa to explain what your body is actually doing when it performs a certain action, and how strengthening specific muscles will help make that action stronger and more efficient. I remember a throwing practice with Melissa where I came out with not only better flicks, but also knowledge of how muscle memory works and the best strategies for getting my brain to remember new movement patterns. I would definitely recommend Melissa’s coaching services to anyone serious about stepping up their Ultimate game!”

~~Elizabeth Stone
(Lancaster Country Day School class of 2012)


“After just a few weeks of the Ultimate Results conditioning program, several of our guys felt much fast then they had been. Because the program focuses on running rather than jogging long distances, the players were really able to focus on their form. For several (key) players, this was something they had never thought about before, and made marked improvement almost immediately. This carried over to scrimmages and the one tournament we played in after starting the program. One player described it as feeling lighter and faster much more quickly into his first few steps. “

~~ Charlie Hoppes
(Messiah College, Mammoth Rebellion coach)


I LOVE training for ultimate and I know you do too.  I hope you decide to join me!

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