Training Smarter, Not Harder: Principles for Ultimate Frisbee Conditioning

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Completing a generic general-purpose fitness plan will lead to suboptimal results when competing in any sport, including ultimate. Instead, there are two principles you need to consider when training for for ultimate and preparing your body for the demands of the sport. Melissa breaks down these principles and discusses how you should tailor your training based on […]

Designing an ultimate athlete training program

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Knowing how to train is difficult. Ultimate athletes often fail to approach training holistically. This video and will give you the framework for structuring your training based upon your goals for the season and will introduce you to the format of The Ultimate Athlete Project.   After watching this video you will understand the seven […]

One Simple Format for Winter Conditioning in Small Spaces

winter conditioning workout for ultimate frisbee

It’s getting cold and sometimes snowy here in North America at this time of year. If you are in the off season, this is a great time to focus on strength training. However, some conditioning should be done to maintain general fitness. The important thing to remember about conditioning during the winter is that a […]

Can You Trust Your Taper?

The taper is the key to getting the most out of your body when it counts the most. Though the taper is a nice change of pace and an easing up of training, many athletes find the taper difficult psychologically. Cutting back on training will feel unnatural. Many athletes resist a proper taper because they […]